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The Knowledge Of The Classification, Materials And Manufacturing Process Of Truck Brake Lining.

Truck brake lining are an important part of the truck braking system and also the guarantee for the safe driving of the truck. The materials and manufacturing process used for truck brake lining have a significant impact on the safety and comfort of truck driving. This article will introduce the knowledge of the classification, materials and manufacturing process of truck brake lining.

1.Classification of truck brake lining Truck brake lining can be divided into two types according to the temperature and material properties during driving: organic brake lining and metal brake lining. Organic brake lining are mainly made of a mixture of natural materials and synthetic materials, which have good oil performance and low noise performance, but are easy to wear at high temperatures; metal brake lining are mainly made of steel plates and wear-resistant materials, which have stability and wear resistance at high temperatures performance, but the noise and vibration generated during braking can adversely affect the vehicle.

2.Second, the material and manufacturing process of truck brake lining The manufacturing materials of truck brake lining are mainly divided into organic matter and inorganic matter, among which organic matter materials are mainly natural resins and synthetic resins. Manufacturing these brake lining usually involves compression molding a resin compound in a special mold, which is then heated, compressed and bonded into a thin strip of brake lining. Inorganic materials are mainly steel plates, wear-resistant materials and brass, which have very high wear and stability at high temperatures.

3.Use and maintenance of truck brake lining The service life of truck brake lining mainly depends on the driving conditions and environment of the truck. Generally speaking, the service life of brake lining is about 20,000-30,000 kilometers. During use, pay special attention to the thickness and density of the brake lining. When the thickness of the brake lining is lower than the specified standard, new brake lining need to be replaced in time. When maintaining truck brake lining, it should be noted that suitable spare parts and replacement tools should be selected according to the manufacturer’s requirements, and the vehicle should be fixed in a stable place to avoid unnecessary injuries or accidents during operation.

In short, truck brake lining are an important guarantee for truck driving safety. Its material, manufacturing process and use and maintenance are related to the driving performance and safety of trucks. Therefore, when purchasing and using truck brake lining, you must carefully select and cooperate with the manufacturer’s requirements for use and maintenance to ensure the safety and stability of the truck.

Post time: Apr-15-2023