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Best Performance Brake Lining 19495

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Brake lining regular materials including Non-asbestos, synthetic fibre,Semi-Metal , new developed have green and black particle material.

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Brake lining NO.: WVA 19495
Size: 195*180*17.3/12.1
Application: BENZ、MAN TRUCK
Material: Non-asbestos, synthetic fibre,Semi-Metal


1. Noiseless, 100% asbestos free and excellent finishing.
2. Longlife time in toghest road condition.
3. Exceptional stopping power.
4. Lower dust level.
5. Works quietly.

Ceramic brake lining of Friction material

Ceramic brake lining are a new type of friction material, initially successfully developed by Japanese brake pad companies in the 1990s. Ceramic brake lining are composed of ceramic fibers, iron-free filler substances, adhesives and a small amount of metal. They have the advantages of high temperature resistance, no noise, no dust, no corrosion of hubs, long service life, and environmental protection.
Ceramic brake lining are now widely used in the Japanese and North American automobile markets, and new European models are also beginning to be equipped with ceramic brake lining. The recognition of ceramic friction materials in the international market has accelerated the research and development of ceramic brake lining in my country. At present, domestic mainstream brake pad companies already have the independent research and development and production capacity of high-end ceramic brake lining, and have provided accessories for some large foreign automakers, and gradually entered the foreign high-end market. However, the domestic market has not been well developed. The reason is that first of all, the price of ceramic friction materials is high, which is difficult for OEMs to accept. Secondly, foreign countries have higher requirements on noise and environmental protection. Ceramic friction materials are favored abroad because of their advantages of no noise, durability, and environmental protection. The development of domestic automobile brake lining is still at the stage of focusing on braking effect and safety, and has not developed to the stage of emphasizing comfort and environmental protection.
Although ceramic brake lining are unlikely to replace traditional brake lining in the short term, modern cars are developing in the direction of high performance, high speed, safety and comfort, which requires that the braking system, which is an important part of the car, must be safe and reliable. At the same time, new brake materials must be continuously developed to meet stricter requirements, and ceramic brake lining will inevitably become a development trend in the future.

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