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High Performance Brake Lining 19246

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Brake lining regular materials including Non-asbestos, synthetic fibre,Semi-Metal , new developed have green and black particle material.

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Brake lining NO.: WVA 19246
Size: 201*185*14.5
Application: STR TRUCK
Material: Non-asbestos, synthetic fibre,Semi-Metal


1. Noiseless, 100% asbestos free and excellent finishing.
2. Longlife time in toghest road condition.
3. Exceptional stopping power.
4. Lower dust level.
5. Works quietly.


Drum brakes use the stationary brake pads in the brake drum to rub against the brake drum that rotates with the wheel to generate friction to reduce the speed of the wheel.
When you step on the brake pedal, the force of your foot causes the piston in the master cylinder to push the brake fluid forward and create pressure in the oil circuit. The pressure is transmitted to the piston of the brake cylinder of each wheel through the brake fluid, and the piston of the brake cylinder pushes the brake pads outward, causing the brake pads to rub against the inner surface of the brake drum and generate enough friction to reduce the speed of the wheels. In order to achieve the purpose of braking.

1. It has the function of automatic braking, so that the brake system can use lower oil pressure, or use a brake drum with a diameter much smaller than that of the brake disc.

2.The hand brake mechanism is easy to install. Some models with disc brakes on the rear wheels will install a hand brake mechanism with drum brakes at the center of the brake disc.

Drum brakes have been used in automobiles for nearly a century, but due to their reliability and powerful braking force, drum brakes are still used on many models today (mostly used on the rear wheels). Drum brakes use hydraulic pressure to push the brake pads installed in the brake drum outward, so that the brake pads rub against the inner surface of the brake drum that rotates with the wheel, thereby producing a braking effect.

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